The Evolution of Llewellyn Publications
g_llewellynLlewellyn Publications began as the Portland School of Astrology in 1901 under the capable leadership of Llewellyn George. An astrologer himself, Llewellyn George self-published a number of small astrological pamphlets before he published his first bestseller, The Llewellyn Moon Sign Book and Gardening Guide, in 1905. Published continuously since that time, The Moon ‘Shine’ Book, as it is affectionately known, formed the backbone of Llewellyn for many years and continues to relate human activity to the ebb and flow of Nature’s energies.

In 1910, Llewellyn George first published his astrology text, The A-Z Horoscope Maker and Delineator. The A-Z became a classic and is constantly revised and updated, firmly establishing Llewellyn as a leader in the astrology community. In 2003, the book was again updated and the title was changed to Llewellyn’s A to Z Horoscope Maker & Interpreter to clarify its function as both a text book and a complete reference book for beginner and advanced students alike.

Llewellyn George died in 1954 and the company was purchased by a printer who ran it as a mail-order business. In the late 1950s, Llewellyn was purchased by current owner Carl Llewellyn Weschcke. He moved the small company to his home in St. Paul, Minnesota, and began the hard work of building a major publishing house, eventually joined by wife Sandra and son Gabe.

For the first eight years, The Moon Sign Book and The A-Z sustained Llewellyn, but the late 1960s spawned great interest in Llewellyn books. This interest, and subsequent capital, allowed Llewellyn to venture into new and broader subject areas of spiritual self-help and wellness. In this New Millennium, body, mind and spirit have become subjects of personal interest and participation for new generations of self-motivated people.

Growth and Diversification
Llewellyn’s growth in recent years has manifested itself in both content and format. A wider range of topics has enabled Llewellyn to produce a full line of products including books, calendars, and tarot decks. In the early 2000s Llewellyn became the exclusive North American distributor for Lo Scarabeo tarot decks and metaphysical products from Italy.

To the Llewellyn lines, we have added imprints Midnight Ink—our mystery fiction line of amusing and stimulating “whodunits”—and Flux—our young adult fiction line of entertaining and thought-provoking books. We have reached new readers who have responded well to our fiction imprints and there remains great opportunity for both.

lwl_today_moonInnovative Products and Marketing
While Llewellyn Worldwide has long been known as “America’s oldest publisher of New Age Sciences,” it is perhaps more important that it be recognized for producing tools for transformation, self-improvement and spiritual growth as well as products for everyday living and enjoyment. Health and happiness are just as important as self-knowledge and transformation.

Markets change and technologies create new opportunities. As an innovative enterprise, Llewellyn continues to evolve, adding new product lines, new channels of distribution, and new ways to meet our customers’ needs and interests.

Llewellyn’s New Worlds of Body, Mind & Spirit is the leading consumer catalog in the marketplace. It is joined by our online marketing tools—Llewellyn.com, Facebook and Twitter—as integral paths for reaching consumers. Additionally, our consumer resources, The Llewellyn Journal and The Llewellyn Encyclopedia, provide information and guidance in the successful application of techniques found in our books.

All roads lead to success, not just the Company’s success, and not just your success, but to our success as a people riding on planet earth as she speeds our evolutional journey to a future we can help make more fulfilling for all.