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Watch Out for the Halloween Monster!




By Dan Gutman, Illustrated by Jim Paillot
Harper, 144 pages, $4.99

Dan Gutman has knocked out another blockbuster in his Tween series My Weird School titled, It’s Halloween. I’m Turning Green!. A.J. takes readers through his Halloween experiences including tricks on homes, costume hilarity, trick or treating, green goo and the scary Halloween Monster. This is definitely for kids only and seeps in kid sarcasm and attitude. It covers all things Halloween from the eyes of grade schoolers.

“I just wanted to fill my pillowcase with candy. We were a bunch of squirrels, gathering nuts so we would be able to make it through the winter.”

Jim Paillot’s illustrations keep the story moving the imagination alight with anticipation for what’s going to happen next. A fun, easy read to entice any young reader to want to read more. And isn’t that just the point; to get kids reading and using their imaginations! Fun Halloween facts (and fictions), puzzles and games are added to the fun after the story. Don’t try to understand this one, just enjoy the ride.

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson

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