saucervilleTake an Extraterrestrial Adventure


By Jordan Hofer
Inkwater Press, $14.95, 236 pages

There is something about the unknown and certainly UFOs that captures our attention. Author Jordan Hofer explores that curiosity in Saucerville, his extraterrestrial adventure. Elliot lives in McMinnville, Oregon (aka “Saucerville”). He hates living there because everything revolves around aliens. Elliot is reminded daily of UFOs, abductions, secret government work areas and men in black who seem to be following him. Elliot’s hatred of all things “Saucerville” stem from the time his mom ran out on the family. But Uncle Bill insists she didn’t leave – she was taken! Stella and Whitley, Elliot’s best friends, promise to help him find his mother. A science project kicks off their research. Characters will be tested to their emotional breaking points. Friendship is their only hope.

From there, the action is non-stop. Hofer successfully  writes from the point of view of teenagers. He seems to know what excites, frightens, bores and what attracts them to others. And he is a great science fiction writer which makes for a book that is well written and filled with drama and suspense. Hofer is an expert on his subject which makes it easy for those of us not familiar with the study of UFOs to follow right along. Hofer is a MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) research specialist in anthropology and university professor in Evolutionary Biology. Saucerville is the first book in a trilogy. Be on the lookout for Conifer and Mothership.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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