septemberA Small Town Crime and Romance Fantasy




By Linda Florke
Trafford Publishing, 255 pages, $14.99

After learning from a cell-mate where stolen money is hidden, a violent criminal escapes from prison. As he runs from police, he heads for the area where the loot is buried under a tree. While in the woods, he kidnaps Stella, a 15-year old girl who is gathering leaves for a school project. Planning to kill her, he tells her about the hidden money. During her eventual rescue, the escapee is killed, and her father also dies in the struggle. The book continues to follow Stella through her life with eventual consequences involving the stolen money.

This is the first book written by Linda Florke. Her passion in life is reading and storytelling. She lives in Sioux City with her husband of 35 years.

The story begins with cliched prison scenes that were unnecessary and added nothing to the story. There is a lot of repetition throughout the book and the families of Stella and her boyfriend are both too perfect as to be unrealistic. Overall, it lacks sophistication, but has some entertainment value.

Reviewed by Fran Byram

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