leatherSafe, Sane, and Consensual




By Laura Antoniou
Cleis Press, 402 pages, $16.95

Even if you aren’t a particular fan of mysteries, The Killer Wore Leather has a lot more mystery going than just murder. It lives up to the reputation of “fifty shades of funny,” while also giving a nod to and realistic portrayal of writer Laura Antoniou’s much-loved leather community.

The premise of Antoniou’s novel is that during an annual leather convention Mack Steel, the previous year’s winner of Mr. Global Leather, is found murdered, wearing yellow panties. The eyewitness tells Detective Rebecca Feldblum that he saw someone in black leather leave Mack’s room. At a leather con, rife with black leather, that doesn’t do much to narrow down the suspect pool.

“It just got weirder and weirder.”

Pressured to solve the case before the weekend ends and all return to their normal lives, Feldblum’s cop skills will be tested. As she immerses herself in the world of studded collars, subs and doms, masters, mistresses, daddies, pups, ponies, leather, rubber, lingerie and more kind than she ever imagined, Feldblum must not only solve the crime, she has to adjust her attitude as she encounters an old flame and deals with a prejudiced new partner.

With Antoniou’s biting tongue-in-cheek humor, this murder mystery will educate, amuse, and satisfy.

Reviewed by Axie Barclay

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