restA Reminder on Those Unrealized Dreams

3 star



By Jessica Lott
Simon & Schuster, 292 pages, $24.99

Jessica Lott reminds us in The Rest of Us how quickly life passes. Terry notices an obituary for her college professor and lover of 20 years ago, Rhinehart. She is reminded of all the things she had intended on doing while in her youth, including being a professional photographer. Terry runs into Rhinehart by chance and almost experiences a rebirth with her art and the love she had for him. Rhinehart invites Terry over for an awkward dinner with his wife and friends and Terry quickly becomes consumed with Rhinehart once again. But at the same time, Terry is exploring her artistic side and putting her photographs in galleries again. As life circumstances change for Rhinehart, they both take risks once again both personally and professionally.

The story takes place in New York City and centers on the art world—clearly two things Lott is very familiar with. There is a bit too much drama in the storyline and this reviewer felt traumas were placed too often for Terry and Rhinehart to avoid. Yet, almost anyone will be able to connect to the plot; who hasn’t grasped dreams unrealized as life passes quickly?

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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