secretFinding Your Soul’s Way




By Inna Segal
Beyond Words, 287 pages, $18.00

Bestselling author, Inna Segal wrote yet another outstanding book. In this book, based on her Visionary Intuitive Healing teaching experience, she provides answers to 21 life’s essential questions. At first, Segal recommends you to develop and trust your own intuition even though it could be illogical. From this part of the book you understand how to connect and heal your inner child and other archetypes. In the second section, Segal answers questions about your soul’s journey. You’ll find how to connect to your soul and learn about different types of soul mates. And in the third, Segal concentrates on ways of resolving your relationship problems with money and success, with partners and children: present and lost.

“Self-imposed barriers impede you from using your intuition, taking chances, trusting the unknown, making powerful soul connections, diving into love, evolving spiritually, being of service, and feeling alive and joyful.”

In Segal’s opinion, it’s important to embrace your prostitute archetype and why finding your soul mate probably would not resolve your love problem. If you seek more information, Segal has included QR codes that provide access to special material on her website. Many examples from her and her clients’ experiences are very convincing and inspiring. While reading The Secret of Life Wellness it’s hard to hold yourself from practicing Segal’s life-improving techniques immediately.

Reviewed by Galina Roizman

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