cozyClassics Indeed!




By Jack & Holman Wang
Simply Read Books, 26 pages, $9.95

The talented twins, Jack and Holman Wang, are at it again with their new visual and literary board book masterpiece, Les Misérables. Having illustrated books together since 3rd grade the twins continue their first official project, Cozy Classics.

In the past, if you wanted your children to read the classic novels you would have to wait until they were almost all grown up. Now, with Cozy Classics, parent and baby can read the classics and begin falling in love with characters they can read about for the rest of their life. Simple words with beautiful photographed felted characters and objects make for a great read. Simple words such as “poor”, “rich”, “sad”, and “happy” tell Victor Hugo’s story of Jean Valjean and Cosette in a way that babies and toddlers can understand. Even if you are not a classic fanatic, the Wang’s Cozy Classics are a series that you will want on your book shelf.

Reviewed by Andrea Franke

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