Good, Practical Advice to Address Relationship Challenges

3 star



By Christina Steinorth, MA, MFT
Hunter House, 182 pages, $12.95

“The advice in this book will immediately help to make your relationship problems more manageable.”

Cue Cards for Life starts with the premise that people need reminders (albeit gentle) on how to handle some of life’s more common relationship challenges. The book is intended to almost serve as a reference guide, after you read the first chapter on relationship basics. The following chapters are organized by relationship-type and are drawn on the author’s multiple years of experience as a therapist. The chapters include love relationships, all things family, parents and teens, aging parents, workplace, friends and social events and apologies. The specific topic is placed in a grey text box, with supporting information below. The advice attached to each topic is practical and easy to follow. This reviewer thinks that this book would have been even more effective if the author had truly taken the “cue card” approach and created bulleted talking points for each cue card topic. The book is text-heavy and will require the reader to highlight the pertinent information. Nonetheless, this book provides a great starting point to addressing those uncomfortable situations you have been trying to avoid.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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