cuteJealousy Isn’t Cute




By Michael Townsend
Knopf, 32 pages, $15.99

Janie Jane LOVES all things cute. She is a CUTE expert. For her birthday last year, Janie Jane got the cutest dog ever – Sir Yips-a-lot! With her sweet dog, every day was cute and perfect. The pair played together, rode bikes together, and swam together. And all the while, Sir Yips-a-lot barked, “Yip, Yip, Yip!”

Now it is Janie Jane’s birthday again and guess what her parents have given her? There is a new, potentially cuter present to unwrap! Who is inside? It’s Lady Meow-Meow! The World’s Cutest Kitty! Sir Yips-a-lot doesn’t agree that Janie Jane’s new pet is the cutest. What about him? What if his beloved human no longer needs him?

Cute & Cuter, by Michael Townsend, helps young readers understand the concept of jealousy and helps them overcome those jealous feelings. Townsend’s artwork is a combination of regular illustrations and comic book panels. Sir Yips-a-lot wants to get rid of Lady Meow-Meow so that he can once again become the favorite in Janie Jane’s eyes. Find out what happens when Sir Yips-a-lot and Lady Meow-Meow come face-to- face to see who is the cutest pet. Will they learn that perhaps it isn’t a competition after all?

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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