DrivingLoyaltyGood, Solid Information to Make a Difference


By Kirk Kazanjian
Crown Publishing, $28.00, 248 pages

Kirk Kazanjian does not offer a magic bullet in his book Driving Loyalty. His advice is straightforward: take care of your employees and your customers and your business will succeed. This book has a little bit for everyone. New managers will gain lots of new insight on how to reward and retain employees, while seasoned managers will learn how to implement a company mission and vision to reinforce the focus on employees and customers. The book details effective merger tactics, as well as using technology to delight customers and employees. Kazanjian also covers growth, partnership and sustainability. There really is a ton of information for a mere 272 pages!

“Never underestimate the importance of the role those on your team play in delivering on your brand promise.”

Driving Loyalty is easy to read given its vast amount of usable information and key points summary at the end of each chapter. Throughout the chapters there are tables, numbered lists and graphics to highlight the most vital ideas from each chapter. Highlight the significant concepts, test some of the ideas and implement what works for your business. I am pretty sure you will notice a change in both your employees and customers.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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