EverydayBookMarketingExcellent Advice for Writers


By Midge Raymond
Ashland Creek Press, $15.95, 245 pages

For most writers writing a novel of 100,000 words is the easy part. The challenge is getting that book read and reviewed by the public. In Everyday Book Marketing by Midge Raymond gives authors easy and practical advice on how to promote their book, find new readers, and engage with fans.

The first section focuses on how to find the right audience for your book, and discovering what promotions will work best with an author’s strengths and weaknesses. Section two covers how to create a website and start a blog that will attract readers. Lastly, authors will learn how to sponsor giveaways, create their author page on Amazon, and run a book tour. Equally valuable are the author interviews sharing their successes and failures.

This book is exceptionally well written, and is broken into manageable sections that allow authors to easily glean ideas for better promotion. After each section the author gives tangible advice on what to do with 30 minutes of spare time, 15 minutes of spare time, or just a couple minutes each day. Whether you are a seasoned writer, or just beginning your first novel, this is an important book to own. You will find yourself going back to it again and again for reference and assistance.

Reviewed by Andrew Keyser

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