fiftyShades of Satire




By Darren G. Davis
Blue Water Comics, 40 pages, $9.99

Satire needs to have bite. The host behind the Fifty Shades of the Twilight Games combines cast members from Fifty Shades, Harry Potter, Twilight, and Hunger Games in one location, and watches what happens. However, there are plenty of deaths and other disqualifications with only three of the characters left. Although there is a quick twist at the end, it is debatable if the twist can save the book, especially as it seems to be more of a setup for a sequel. But that just seems to be perfect for the satire.

This book suffers a certain problem in terms of shifting medium from novels to apparent children’s book. The problem is that there are too many books being dealt with at one time, and so what makes them work is not allowed a chance to really get a foothold. Although the extreme basics of the relationships between the characters are maintained, what makes the books themselves work is strangely absent; there needs to be more space for the plots to build up. As such the characters may well have been more generic characters. This is definitely a fun little book, it just needed a lot more length to it to really work.

Reviewed by Jamais Jochim

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