GrailoftheSummerStarsA Spellbinding Series


By Freda Warrington
Tor, $27.99, 382 pages

Stevie Silverwood doesn’t live a wild life by any stretch of the imagination. She manages an art museum and makes jewelry on the side. After receiving a beautiful yet disturbing picture of a goddess from her friend and former lover Daniel Manifold, she tries to reach him and finds that he has gone missing and is feared dead. Certain that he is still alive, Stevie begins looking for Daniel herself. During her search, she meets Mist, an Aetherial looking to end a centuries-old conflict with his brother and joins him, certain that he will lead her to Daniel.

Grail of the Summer Stars is the third installment of the Aetherial Tales by author Freda Warrington. She continues the story two years after the last book left off and while it’s not strictly necessary to read the previous books first, it’s very helpful, particularly around the story of Mist and his brother. The writing remains stellar; the author almost immediately weaves a spell over the reader and creates a feeling of dreaminess and a sense of other worldliness with her words. Fantasy fans should not miss this wonderful series.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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