heroAnimals and Emotions


By Robert Bissell
Pomegranate, $65.00, 140 pages

The inspired work of Robert Bissell makes you stop and think. Instead of just simple still-life or Impressionistic motifs, Mr. Bissell takes animals and puts them into contemplative poses that strike the viewer’s soul. In this book, readers get to view the paintings that Mr. Bissell has created over the years from his early work to his more recent paintings. They might seem sparse compared to other painters but they pack a punch.

Each piece is massive in size forcing the viewer to think about life, culture and what it means to be you. They each have their own story and Bissell brings them out with each telling. Some paintings are more contemplative while others are more action oriented. Many people will respond to the simple images because they are emotive. Others will like the paintings with more action in them.

This is a must-have book for art collectors. It will add to your collection without breaking the bank. There are no essays to distract from the message in the paintings. This is a richly colorful book.

Reviewed by Kevin Winter

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