HowNot2BeTailored for the Stereotypical Teen

3 star

By Meghan Doherty
Zest Books, $16.99, 173 pages

A humorous and concise guide to etiquette, How Not to be a Dick appeals to the struggles of young adults as they awkwardly transition into society as a contributing individual. Although the advice is plain old common sense, the illustrations and varied examples provide an entertaining side to this informational book and consequently make for easy reading.

From grocery shopping to office parties, this book touches upon a plethora of scenarios. The writing employs a slight sarcastic tone and in some parts may border on condescending. Overall, this is a book to read more for its sarcasm and entertainment value than for any actual etiquette rules, because the rules are new only to those struggling to overcome a colossal ego.

Reviewed by Isabel Hernandez

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