InnovationAsUsualLogical Framework to Implement Innovation


By Paddy Miller & Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg
Harvard Business Review Press, $25.00, 218 pages

Miller and Wedell-Wedellsborg believe that innovation on a daily basis is possible in their book, Innovation as Usual. Most often employees attend an offsite, brainstorm ideas and then return to work to do the same thing they were doing before. The authors contend that in order for innovation to really happen, the workplace must breed innovation and creativity by the way managers lead, the way the office is structured and by following the 5+1 framework. The author’s keystone behaviors are: focus, insight from the outside, tweak, select, stealthstorm and persist. Each chapter contains suggested action items. There are lots of examples, stories, case studies and darn good practical advice and ideas to try.

“Your primary job as leader is not to innovate; it is to become an innovation architect, creating a work environment that helps your people engage in the key innovation behaviors as part of their daily work.”

The authors suggest a model for innovation that is realistic and achievable. They have written a user-friendly book loaded with ideas and suggestions in a clean, simple format. All that remains is you implementing the ideas in your workplace and watching the innovation take hold! The appendix offers lots of further reading and resources and is divided by the keystone behaviors.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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