Anyone Can Dance!

3 star

By Michael Hickman
CreateSpace, $5.99, 67 pages

Roscoe’s whole family loves to salsa dance. The boy’s grandparents act silly while they have fun dancing. Although he declines his grandfather’s invitation to try out some salsa steps, Roscoe begins to wonder, “Me, salsa dance?” As they dance together, Roscoe’s mom looks beautiful in her stylish clothes and his dad huffs and puffs to catch his breath. They all offer the boy advice – keep the rhythm, smile, hear the music – and when Roscoe puts his family’s suggestions into practice, a salsa dancer is born! Find out where Roscoe practices his favorite new hobby!

Despite practicing, Roscoe is still having trouble imagining himself performing in front of people, especially at dance competitions his family wants him to enter during upcoming vacations. Luckily Roscoe’s best friend Sara saves the day. She tells him that James Goodfeet Johnson is offering a dance class at the local library. Learn How To Dance Salsa!!! In 60 Minutes! But who will take over and teach the students?

Me, Salsa Dance? by Michael Hickman is an ebook with lots of heart. It shows Roscoe’s transformation from a young boy unsure of his dancing skills into a dancer willing to learn and perform. Every child should be so lucky to have a supportive family like Roscoe does. The issues with Hickman’s book are very fixable and can be taken care of with a quick editing job. Mistakes range from incorrect and missing punctuation to distracting changes between verb tenses and missing words. The ebook’s formatting has one main drawback. Most of the pictures come before the part of the story that explains what is happening in the illustration. It would make more sense, especially to children, if the picture came after the story details.

Once these corrections are made, parents can share Me, Salsa Dance? with their children and feel confident knowing that their kids are being exposed to a new concept (salsa dancing) in an educationally sound book with a multicultural cast and heartwarming message.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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