NewFashionPhotographySuperb Contemporary Fashion Photography


By Paul Sloman & Tim Blanks
Prestel, $45.00, 208 pages

The collection of photographs by twenty-eight artists (some as collaborating duos) combines contemporary fashion, photographic art and technology in New Fashion Photography, a large-format, high-end publication. Each artist is introduced in a brief, beautifully written half-page statement, the writing of which complements well with the artwork. These are worthwhile readings before viewing the photos.

“In this volume, the contemporary practice of photographers who have helped to shape the current moment appear alongside emergent artists who operate at the boundaries of experimentation…”

The photographers are from throughout the world and their artistic expressions range throughout the spectrum from realistic to surrealistic to bizarre. The photos are mostly color, from half – to one – to double-page spreads, some digitally highly manipulated, highly processed and color-saturated, others are minimally done so. To paraphrase from one description, “transforming human form itself into an artistic canvas.” The photographs are the results of collaboration among photographers, stylists and makeup artists, and the results are often stunning, sometimes shocking but every one is exquisite. Most models are wafer-thin females but some photographers surprisingly introduced quite heavy models, and also males. Most models are heavily made up. Many of the artists are pushing technical boundaries to the limits and beyond.

Two nine-page introductions by two fashion and art experts explain contemporary fashion photography – also very informative readings. The volume ends with brief bios of the artists.

Reviewed by George Erdosh

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