By Josiah Bancroft
Amazon Digital Services, Inc., $0.99, 371 pages

A great fantasy! Just imagine that the Tower of Babel hasn’t been destroyed by God’s wrath and you could visit this grand human achievement located in the cradle of our civilization. Doesn’t it sound appealing? Certainly! Especially to someone like Thomas Senlin, a teacher from a small fishing village, obsessed with its fundamental importance. For Thomas, the Tower is a standard by which all other things should be measured. Visiting it has always been his dream. So Thomas plans to take his young wife Marya to see it on their honeymoon. It takes them a four day journey by train to reach the Tower. Thomas always carries Everyman’s Guide to the Tower of Babel with him. He is inspired and enthralled by it and expects great things from the Tower.

As the newlywed couple goes from the train to the Tower, they cross the Market. It is huge and overcrowded with people and vendors. Thomas feels uneasy and frowns when Marya wants to buy something frivolous. He reckons this is an unavoidable part of honeymooning and finds a waiting spot. Thomas decides to search the Market. He is soon robbed of his luggage. Tired and distracted, he enters the Tower hoping to find Marya on the third level, the Baths. But the Tower isn’t what Thomas expected. It is a dangerous and treacherous place. The Tower changes people and often reveals the worst sides of their human nature. Eventually Thomas discovers that Marya may have been taken to some upper level of the Tower. Although no one knows how many levels the Tower has, Thomas is determined to find Marya. Read on to find out how this adventure ends.

Reviewed by Galina Roizman

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