SharingEdenOne Special World to Share


By Natan Levy, Harfiyah Haleem & David Shreeve
Kube Publishing, $8.99, 106 pages

Religious leaders join together in Sharing Eden to explain how environmentalism and sustainability is part of their historic doctrine. The assembled are the descendents of Abraham comprising Jewish, Christian, and Islamic faiths. They glean their environmental doctrine in this short book. This is a British book which is international and global in scope. The writers show how to inspire the public and government to adapt more green and environmental policies. They are representative of these three faiths providing chapters about Sustainability and Waste, Water, Energy and Natural Resources, Climate Change, Food, and Biodiversity and Regeneration. Each chapter also includes practical examples.

“These shared traditions lie behind the decision to write this book about the three Abrahamic faiths’ relationship with the environment rather than all faiths.”

Sharing Eden is the result of The Lambeth Declaration which states: “We all have a responsibility to learn how to live and develop sustainably in a world of finite resources”.  Some of the other goals include reducing emissions, working together, mitigating the effects of climate change, and pressing government for these changes. The slim book contains a lot of quotes from scripture and religious practitioners and is likely to inform and inspire. It will also help environmentalists to have a fuller appreciation of religious beliefs. This book is hopeful and it would be wonderful if there was also one about efforts for world peace.

Reviewed by Ryder Miller

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