TheRedPlagueAffairThe Return of Bannon and Clare


By Lilith Saintcrow
Orbit, $14.00, 312 pages

Emma Bannon is a busy woman. The Prime Sorceress for Britannia herself (currently housed in the body of the young Queen Victoria), she is dedicated to defending her country and queen from plots at home and abroad. It’s no wonder she hasn’t seen much of her friend, Archibald Clare, himself a skilled mentath. Their paths cross again, though, when a dangerous experiment wreaks havoc and brings death all around. Bannon and Clare must work together to find a cure before it’s too late for their country and themselves.

The Red Plague Affair is the second installment in the Bannon and Clare series and is an absolute delight to read. The storyline is well constructed, fast paced and has some nice twists and turns. The real attraction for this book, however, is its main characters. Archie and Emma are both stubborn and dedicated to those they care about. The characters have a chemistry that feels palpable to the reader throughout the book. This is a wonderful romp in steampunk London and a hoot to read.  This is a must read for steampunk fans.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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