Space Exploration Should Reflect Us All




By Paul Kurtz
Prometheus Books, 260 pages, $20.00

The Turbulent Universe by philosopher Paul Kurtz attempts to create and define an ethical paradigm to work for our species here on the planet and for future endeavors in space. What leaves the planet reflects on the whole human species, even if we do not all agree and still squabble among ourselves. This is a great attempt to reflect upon where we have been and dream about where we are going.  All sorts of disarray can be found in what is, despite the clean drawings of our universe, a messy cosmos. There are all sorts of factors that suggest that there is more physical turmoil than was widely known. Turbulence does not just refer here to the cosmic collisions that are common place in the universe.

“I call Neo-Humanism, which although it is committed to secular humanism and scientific rationalism, it is receptive to other points of view and is willing to work with others interested in developing a better world.”


Kurtz tells the historical story which included the formation of the solar system, our sun and planet, human evolution, and our history. There is much here about the trouble of nations, and Kurtz does not shy away from revealing our dark side and history. The book leads up to an ethical crescendo with the format of the book being organized like an opera. Not all will agree with his conclusions, the finale, but his was earned and was built on our past.

Reviewed by Ryder Miller

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