BuriedThreadsAn Entertaining Adventure Romance


By Kaylin McFarren
CreateSpace, $9.99, 382 pages

Rachel Lyons and her partner and lover Chase Coulton have a new job. They have been hired to dive for treasure stuck in a sunken ship in the coastal waters of Japan. Their employer, a monk named Shinzo and his leading diver, Yuki, seem impressive. But soon after they arrive in Japan, it becomes clear that the job is more complicated and potentially dangerous than they thought.

Many people stand in their way. A local mob boss, Mitsui, is interested in the treasure and wants the team out of Japan as soon as possible. Mariko, a geisha whom Shinzo once loved, and her benefactor Kenji, who swore revenge on Shinzo years ago, have appeared and will hinder Rachel and Chase’s plans. In addition, Rachel finds out some disturbing personal news. Her father’s child, one Rachel didn’t know about, lives in Japan. Concerned but committed to the job, the pair proceeds with the dive and soon find themselves in danger from people on the outside and within their own team, They must work quickly to save themselves before it’s too late.

Buried Threads by author Kaylin McFarren is the second book in her Threads series. It is a fairly entertaining novel. The author sets up the story well and gives the reader a nice introduction to the characters. The characters are interesting and well developed although the supporting characters are much more intriguing and tend to outshine the main characters throughout the book. McFarren’s writing moves at a nice pace and keeps the reader interested. The book does have a lot of sub-plot threads and a lot of characters – it can get a bit confusing at times to keep track of everyone and remember why they are relevant. Additionally, the supernatural aspects of the book require readers to be able to suspend disbelief. If readers can do so, though, they will like this book.  The diving adventure section is interesting and fun. While it is useful to have read the previous book prior to this one, it’s not strictly necessary. Fans of adventure romance will enjoy this novel.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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