DoWhatJesusHow Ordinary People Can Do Extraordinary Things


By Robby Dawkins
Chosen Books, $14.99, 256 pages

People who put their faith in Jesus can do the same works he did: heal the sick and injured, multiply food, cast out evil spirits, and break through to the hardest hearts with the love of God. Pastor Robby Dawkins tells how gang members in Aurora, Illinois, receive Christ’s love until this highly violent city becomes murder-free. Prostitutes, witches, atheists, and murderers experience God’s love and miraculous healing through ordinary people and gladly give their lives to Christ.

“Without really having any idea of what I was about to say next, I told the woman, ‘I hear God saying he’s about to completely heal your father and give him a brand-new heart . . .’

. . . When the woman called back again crying hours later, my heart sank. . . . I could just make out her words through the sobs, and I wasn’t sure that I had understood. ‘Your dad,’ I said, ‘he’s . . . dead?’

She said, ‘No—he’s doing great!’

Nobody was more surprised to hear that than me.”

It’s not a fairy tale, and it’s not limited to pastor Dawkins’ ministry. It happens all over the world. But Do What Jesus Did emboldened this reviewer to proclaim and see breakthroughs for friends and strangers alike. Dawkins’ book bears some resemblance to Power Evangelism and Power Healing, (both by John Wimber and Kevin Springer). Dawkins’ book raises the bar with these revolutionary discoveries:

1. Even doubters can do miracles.
2. One doesn’t have to hear a message from God to proclaim a needed event into happening.
3. “Pushing to failure” builds spiritual muscles like nothing else.

This book can change the lives of its readers and of all they touch. It dares them to take the plunge into God’s dynamic love.

Reviewed by Robin Layne

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