DottoDotCreative Flip Book with a Happy Ending


By Malcom Cossons, Illustrations by Neil Stevens
Thames & Hudson, $15.95, 32 pages

Dot to Dot is an adorable flip book about Dot, a little girl who lives in London. She shares the same birthday with Grandma Dot, her grandmother who lives in New York. Dot wants to make an extra special birthday card for Grandma Dot. She is so immersed in creating the birthday card that she misses the post and now must try to figure out how to get the card to New York by the next day. Dot tries to fly over the ocean, even asking a blackbird and some bees to help her go to New York. Dot tries to dig an underground tunnel but she did not make much progress. The next morning a double-decker bus shows up with Dot’s family from around the world, including Grandma Dot.

When the reader flips the book over, she will learn Grandma Dot’s attempt to visit Dot in London for her birthday. Grandma Dot stops in Beijing, Mumbai, and Rome to pick up family before arriving in London in a double-decker bus. In each location, she visits famous sites such as the Forbidden City, a Bollywood film studio and ancient Roman ruins.

The artwork is bright, happy and whimsical. Each page is filled with numerous events happening on the page. Each Dot story culminates in the middle of the book, which is an unusual and creative way to end the stories. Your child will be mesmerized and curious as they read both stories over and over again as both Dots try to get to each other in quick and creative ways.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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