Gettingto5050Interesting Perspective on Finding Work/Life Balance


By Sharon Meers & Joanna Strober
Viva Editions, $18.95, 318 pages

There is no “magic” formula to balancing work and family in today’s busy, modern 24/7 world. The authors of Getting to 50/50 suggest that instead of searching for magic, perhaps people should look at how they view their value. Meers and Strober recommend that it is possible to have dual breadwinners if you replace “I” with “we.” Oftentimes women either subconsciously create an either/or option instead of figuring out how to have both. Moms frequently take on the parenting while the husbands pursues careers which reinforces a man’s role as breadwinner. But it is necessary to create an equal partnership. Equal does not mean it is always 50/50 but partners need to manage the ebb and flow. Women must expect that men can take care of their children and that children need their fathers to be a part of their upbringing in a meaningful, engaging way.

“Talk to happy two-worker families farther down the path and you’ll feel more secure about what lies ahead.”

Part one covers why two careers are better than one. Part two busts myths about work, women and men. Finally, part three covers solutions. The book is littered with real-life examples and tons of research to support the authors’ beliefs. Getting to 50/50 will give readers lots to ponder. It will challenge them to check their perceptions and possibly even change their behaviors in order to achieve the work/life balance so many modern employees crave.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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