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By Jean Moss
The Taunton Press, $21.95, 136 pages

Jean Moss’ book Great Little Gifts to Knit is what every crafty person needs to whip up an homemade gift for friends and family in sizes that are actually practical and manageable for the average knitter. The small size of these projects means that knitters can afford to make multiples, and haven’t spent so much time and money they can’t bear to part with the finished object. The book is divided into four sections: Baby, Hers, His and Home. The baby section has great ideas for quick knits, including booties in a style that actually stay on the baby’s feet (at least mostly!). The Hers and His sections have quick ideas for adult gifts. The Hers sections may be slightly frillier than some women prefer, but the finished items look nice and there are pictures of the items knitted in different yarns to get different effects.

Like many knitting books, this one is weakest in the menswear section. Many of these items would only be worn by men who are very interested in clothing or are daring in their sense of style, not necessarily for the average man. The home section has some patterns that are simply constructed, but a little outside the usual pattern, which is nice to see, and the doggie jacket is adorable. Nothing in this book is too difficult, and it should be accessible to advanced beginning knitter with a little confidence.

Reviewed by Katie Richards

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