imperfectDespite the Drama, Readers Will Read Until the End

3 star



By Susan Fales-Hill
Atria Books, 296 pages, $15.00

With a heavy dose of sass, Bliss Harcourt returns with her young daughter to her parents’ home after a messy divorce leaves her vulnerable and wounded. To her dismay, her mother, obsessed with snagging first-class husbands for her four daughters, allows Bliss’s younger sister to go in front of the cameras for a Bachelorette style show in which the winner gets to marry the virgin Diana. The show brings a laughable amount of drama to the household and may hold a small surprise for Bliss’s dry love life… if she would stop judging every man she comes across.

Bliss is not a likable character despite her difficult circumstances, because she does a fair amount of pity-partying. Few of the family members were sane and the story took awhile to develop even though a flurry of activity occurred within the first few pages. It seems that an attempt to follow several different social issues was made, but too much was going on to allow any meaningful development. Finally, a lack of characterization created a disconnect between the reader and narrator, but the insanity of the cast made this quite an entertaining read.

Reviewed by Isabel Hernandez

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