JumpstartCreativityWe’re All Creative


By Shawn Doyle, CSP & Steven Rowell
Sound Wisdom, $14.99, 170 pages

Let’s see if you can answer this question: Are you creative? (Hint: Everyone’s creative.) In that case, the answer is yes. Say it loud, proud, and then apply some of the principles outlined in Jumpstart Your Creativity: 10 Jolts to Get Creative and Stay Creative by Shawn Doyle and Steven Rowell. Their engaging style will help you see that we’re all born with innate creativity and will teach you how creating and cultivating curiosity will cause your creativity to blossom, in the workplace, in your leadership, in your personal life, and in group situations.

“I’d like my crayons back”

Jumpstart Your Creativity is a concise book, but packed with ideas that are easily accessible and adaptable to various situations. Take creativity to the office, the boardroom, the art studio, even the small business, because there’s no end to creativity and no end to creative applications. Applying creativity takes some work ethic sometimes and this book gives you a ton of exercises to help build and tone your creative muscles by building awareness of the world around you. It’s all delivered with playful attitude that is funny, approachable, and easily applicable. If you’re in need of a creative jolt, this might be just what you need.

Reviewed by Axie Barclay

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