50FridaysBringing Spiritual Closeness to Your Marriage

3 star

By Jeff & Lora Helton
Howard Books, $14.99, 192 pages

Even good marriages become boring after awhile. Individuals in a relationship can find themselves mired in the tasks that encompass their day-to-day living, forgetting to value the special relationship they have. Reading 50 Fridays Marriage Challenge written by Pastor Jeff Helton and his wife Lora a clinical psychologist can spark new closeness and growth in the relationship. The book is set up with 50 fun questions to ponder with your spouse. Each question is a chapter of the book containing a bible quote relating to the question and a personal anecdote from Mr. and Mrs. Helton. Questions range from marital topics such as “How do you define intimacy?” to spiritual topics of “How can we pray together?” and to personal topics like “If money were no object, what would your ideal vacation be?”

Reading 50 Fridays is not meant to fix a broken marriage, what it is meant to do is bring a sense of fun or a connection to Christianity into the relationship. Pastor Helton’s anecdotes are sometimes humorous or touching and sometimes a reader can even pick out a passage where Lora took over the narrative. What is most keenly noted throughout the book is how closeness to God can be brought into the relationship to the betterment of the individuals.

Reviewed by Rachelle Barrett

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