FlyFunny Story with Fabulous Illustrations


By David Catrow
Holiday House, $14.95, 32 pages

Your child will laugh and laugh at the havoc one little fly can cause in The Fly Flew In. The fly lands on the man’s nose – a rather long and ugly nose. When the man sneezes, the fly flies off and gets in line at the party. The fly even flies in and out of someone’s ears and into another person’s ears (right through their heads!). He lands on a child’s lollipop that then the mother must take away. You can imagine the child’s reaction. The fly interrupted the band playing and created a ruckus. And from there it gets even messier. When the fly, finally flies away, everyone could not be happier.

The illustrations in this book are really divine. They are colorful, imaginative, detailed and funny. There is so much humor on these pages, your child will laugh and laugh. The words are simple and are repeated often, so that this would be a great book for a new reader or someone just mastering the gist of reading. The story line coupled with the illustrations make this book a winner!

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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