WhyILoveDogsEasing the Loss of a Furry Loved One


By K.A. Masters
WestBow Press, $7.95, 14 pages

Why I Love Dogs is a sweet and simple book with a deeper purpose: helping children cope with the loss of a pet. The full-color animal portraits that the author has painted are the best part. Each captures a personality of a family friend. Spiritual families may enjoy the book more, as there are references, not overbearing, to God and Heaven, but it is interesting that the author doesn’t try to force any beliefs on the reader. The pictures and hand drawn illustrations are not professional looking, but kids don’t mind. Perhaps they’ll encourage children to draw pictures of their own to help the grieving process. The text that tells the story is gentle and honest and appropriate for even the smallest children. Those age eight and under will likely enjoy it most.

“Some say animals have no soul. I’ve searched the Bible, but I don’t know what happens to our pets when it’s their time to go…”

The print could be bigger – there’s so much white space on each page that it leaves the book looking unfinished and larger print would’ve filled the page and allowed young readers to follow along. The story is written in the form of a poem, but the format changes midstream and comes to an abrupt end that seems too soon. Overall, it doesn’t present a very polished look. Even so, the message is good, and the mission of the author is thoughtful and kind.

Reviewed by Val Mallinson

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