BullyingNoMoreTimely Resource for Growing Problem


By Kimberly L. Mason, PhD, LPC, NCC
Barron’s Educational Series, Inc., $14.99, 326 pages

Bullying No More is a dense read that is well-researched and loaded with practical advice. Bullying is an age-old problem that, the author contends, is misunderstood by adults. Adults fail to respond and bystanders are afraid to get involved. Bullying is stressful for the child, as well as being scary and exhausting. Bullying can cause lost school days, poor grades, violence and even suicide. Kimberly Mason divides her book into four sections: Understanding the Parent/Child Interaction, Understanding Bullying, Responding to Bullying and Preventing Bullying. Throughout the book, Mason uses four different icons to highlight important content: points to ponder, tips, toolbox tactic, and case study.||Section one lays the foundation for good parental communication skills. After all, if your child cannot tell you they are being bullied, how as the parent are you supposed to help them? Once you have identified your parenting style, you are ready to understand bullying. Mason explores the four types of bullying including cyber bullying. There is a comprehensive section on how to respond to bullying. This reviewer really liked that there was a chapter focused on if your child is doing the bullying. It was an unexpected chapter, but the reviewer appreciated seeing bullying from both sides.

“Bullying is an age-old problem that is widespread in our schools and communities.  It is frequently misunderstood by adults who consider it to be an unavoidable part of growing up.”

Bullying No More is filled with information. The reader will need to read through the book several times, as well as, highlight key points. This is an invaluable tool for any parent wrestling with what to do if their child is the bully, is being bullied or just to be prepared if something happens. If nothing else, the reader will finish the book and have a much better understating of the issue and some potential solutions.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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