CreativeLivingLondonAllows the Reader to be a Voyeur in Several Hip London Spaces


By Emily Wheeler & Ingrid Rasmussen
Thames & Hudson, $40.00, 320 pages

Creative Living London gives readers glimpses of glorious homes in London’s creative set. The doors of dwellings of many designers, architects, artists and stylists are wide open for the reader to view in the five hundred plus color photos in this unique book. Some of the homes highlighted include Sebastian Conran (product designer), Jo Wood (interior designer), and Mawi Keivom (jewelry designer). The book is divided by location: West vs. East London. There is often a clash of color and design where eclectic design and interests meet – where truly life and art intersect. Each home displays several photos, the owner’s name and occupation. The photos are accompanied by some history, design intent, and influences. Most homes appear to be furnished with “finds” throughout the designer’s life and there is a bit of whimsy to most places even though several owners repeatedly said that comfort of the home was of utmost importance.

“With a continually evolving mix of people and styles to draw creative inspiration from, London Interiors are often intensely personal spaces.”

Creative Living London allows the reader to be a voyeur. The beautiful and colorful photos bring these unique spaces to life. Use this book for inspiration or just to dream of what could be done with your living space.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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