By Bobette Kyle
Amazon Digital Services, Inc., $4.99, 211 pages

Congrats! You are getting married! Now you are probably wondering how to make this a great wedding. Maybe you’ve had an idea in your head since you were seven years old, wore a pillowcase as a dress and married your bear. The perfect book to help you now is Dream Wedding on a Dime: 7 Secrets for the Budget-Savvy Bride by Bobette Kyle.

After reading this book, I noticed two things right off the bat. First, this is an eBook so you can take it along with you on your bridal appointments, to the florist and to meetings with your caterer. This will be appealing to brides who like to be organized. Second, this book is easy to read and makes sense of things that are usually foreign to most newly engaged women who have so much on their minds. This can make planning much less stressful.

Kyle suggests to use sites such as Pinterest for inspiration and ideas while you are planning your day. She also shows way to incorporate tradition and originality into your wedding. It is after all, your day. She includes simple ideas that can save any couple a lot of money, but still make the day a memorable one. I would highly recommend this book for couples who are clueless and have no idea where to start or couples who are further along in the planning process but are looking to save a few dollars along the way. I wish all the best to engaged couples!

Reviewed by Annie Hicks

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