By Kirby Larson
Scholastic, $16.99, 225 pages

Kirby Larson takes readers away on a heartwarming journey about a young man named Hobie Hanson and his more than loyal dog Duke. With World War Two still raging and his father at war, Hobie is alone with just his dog, his sister and his mother. Hobie must learn to live without his father, and do what he must to help America win the war and not the Germans. Soon, Hobie realizes he must do more than buy stamps and decides he must lend Duke to Dogs For Defense to help the army and protect soldiers. While Duke is away his handler sends Hobie letters informing him of Dukes health and progress.  Hobie teaches the reader about doing what you must to protect what you love, even if it means giving up someone or something to help the cause. Duke is storytelling at its finest and will carry readers back to 1944 with this enchanting story about a boy and his beloved companion.

Reviewed by Alyssa Elwell

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