Portland Book Review wants you to live your dreams and be the published author you were meant to be!

We now offer Editing Services to assist you in fulfilling that dream.

With our Editing Services, we will come alongside you and work with you in your quest to become a published and successful author.

We are offering a complete package for a reasonably flat-rate fee of $600 that will include overall developmental editing for your storyline and characters as well as detailed copy editing of your manuscript’s grammar, spelling and punctuation. For much less than other editing services, we will assist you in getting your story told in a way that sells books.

How we can help you improve your manuscript:

  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling suggestions
  • Advice on character development
  • Advice on story content
  • Suggestions for storyline flow
  • Assuring consistency of names, terms, tone, etc.

How it works:

To get started, click on the PayPal link below to make your payment. Then email your manuscript in a PDF or Word format to [email protected]. You will be contacted by your Editor and the 8-week process will begin. Our Editors will be very flexible and work at your convenience. We won’t change your voice or story. You are not required to provide acknowledgement for the editing in your published work but if you’d like to, you would include the Editor’s name and not “Portland Book Review”.

Possible reviews of your edited work in Portland Book Review will not be provided until six months after your book’s publication. If a Sponsored Book Review is purchased after the six-month period, it will be given to a new Reviewer. The Editor will never professionally review any of his or her own work. All final corrections and decisions are made by the author.

Refund Policy: Should you decide you’d like to cancel the edit before completion, a 10% handling fee will be assessed to your refund. Should you want a refund after the edit is complete, and it is approved, a maximum of 50% will be available.

So if you’d like help polishing your manuscript and want to make your good story into a great story, contact Portland Book Review’s Editing Services today!


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