By Diane Dunning
Amazon Digital Services, Inc., $2.99, 186 pages

Greta Smart Figures It Out by Diane Dunning is a book about an ordinary Midwestern girl who is trying to fulfill her dreams. Living in New York has always been Greta’s dream and after college she moves there. Greta rents an apartment with her friend near Central Park and works at a firm not far from her place. She is an outgoing person who likes restaurants and museums. Living in the center of Manhattan really suits her lifestyle. The only thing missing is Mr. Right. Greta decides to look for him online. Unfortunately, her perfect date turns into an embarrassing disaster. The events that follow completely change Greta’s life.

“I’m a good, decent, hardworking person. I’m cute, fun and interesting. Why the hell don’t I rate a decent date?”

In the beginning of the book it seems that Greta is a little snobbish and self-absorbed. Greta’s soft spoken nature doesn’t mean that she is immune from making not-so-smart decisions. But Greta is still young and making mistakes is a part of life. The important thing is what you learn from them. Besides, Greta’s character, with all its flaws, has an authentic feel to it and this is attractive. Many readers who have the same dreams as Greta will sympathize with and relate to her.

In the book’s preface, Dunning writes that Greta Smart Figures It Out is a culmination of a lifetime of research of a subject. Dunning’s focus on several transitional months of a not-so-exceptional life of an average girl may not seem like a very catchy subject. But any subject can be an interesting read, provided it is written well. And Dunning is a good writer. Readers may not find themselves on the edge of their seats…but on a cold and rainy winter evening this book will be a cozy and nice read.

Reviewed by Galina Roizman

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