IdeatoInventionPractical Guide Filled with Lots of Useful Information


By Patricia Nolan-Brown
Amacom, $17.95, 250 pages

Patricia Nolan-Brown created an invention that most parents use every day without even thinking about it.  Her book, Idea to Invention is part “you can do it” motivational tool and part practical guide to “how to do it”. She opens her book introducing the six needed personality traits and then the six simple steps to invention. She calls it the “six-plus-six”. She is adamant that any ordinary person can be an inventor- no trust fund needed! The personality traits required of an inventor are: be inquisitive, have a backbone, be willing to speak up, have the energy needed, be inspired and lastly, have the tenacity. She offers the reader a quick quiz to assess these characteristics so they can be prepared as they move through the invention process. The following chapters give suggestions on how to improve on those personality traits that the reader perhaps scored lower on. There are many practical ideas and suggestions and clearly Nolan-Brown is on a mission to build up the reader’s self-esteem!

“There’s really no excuse for not following your dreams.  I started on my own road to success in the days before the Internet, cell phones, or personal computers.  Imagine the time you can save with these genies in your corner!”

The six invention steps include: think it, cook it, protect it, pitch it, make it and bedazzle it. There is also an extensive chapter on social media. There are suggestions about using a patent attorney, non-disclosure agreements (NDA), creating prototypes and writing a sell sheet. Idea to Invention is a great book to read as you start down the path of moving from dreaming about your great idea to actually bringing that idea to life.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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