NewSecurityChallengesin AsiaThe Road Ahead in Asia


Edited by Michael Wills and Robert M. Hathaway
Woodrow Wilson Center Press, $55.00, 273 pages

In a growing inter-connected world risks and challenges are becoming more complex, and more inter-related with one another. During the Cold War the security challenges that most states faced were common ones that related to nation states (war, borders, etc.). With a globalizing world the challenges have become more complex, and new challenges are coming to the forefront. In this collection we explore new challenges that Asian countries are facing, most notably China and Japan, everything from food safety and Internet security to climate change and water. Each of these is starting to have impacts on how countries interact with each other, and also how they deal with internal problems as well.

This is a book written both for the senior policy leader at a political level, and a student of government. Each of them will find something it in for them. With the senior policy leader having each chapter is independent entity, so they can read what they need to know now. And for the student a way to get a grasp of what is going on. This book should be read by anyone who wants to know about the future relations in Asia.

Reviewed by Kevin Winter

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