By Powers Molinar
Sapertys Enterprises Inc., $2.99, 404 pages

“Fazah!” Teens certainly will love this book. In Spartanica (The Survivors of Sapertys), by Powers Molinar, thirteen-year-old Ty and his older brother Marcus find themselves in what seems like a long, weird and creepy dream. After seeing colored lights and a shiny crystal orb, the room that Ty and Marcus are in completely disappears. In a blink of an eye, Ty and Marcus find themselves not only on Sapertys (a different planet), but in a parallel universe.

Sapertys’ cities have been destroyed by a mysterious catastrophe. The brothers meet a group of teens who have run from detention fields guarded by strange creatures. They find refuge with Bellana, the only remaining citizen of the planet’s capital city. But soon she is captured. Ty and Marcus decide to free her but learn that they have only seven days to do this and find the way home. The brothers learn some mysterious family secrets and discover that their teleportation to Sapertys is not accidental. Will they rescue Bellana? Will the siblings make it home? What if this is all just a dream?

“It had to be a dream…unless Professor Otherblood’s hypotheses about using majinecity to curl time weren’t really so crazy after all?”

Molinar uses language to which young adults can relate. Words like “majinecity” and “fazah” are used by the characters like slang. Perhaps teen readers will pick it up! The book is fresh, dynamic, a little scary, funny and engaging. It is reminiscent of a good Star Trek episode. Since this is the first book in a series, readers can look forward to more from Molinar in the future.

Reviewed by Galina Roizman

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