By Jeff Folschinsky
Amazon Digital Services, Inc., $0.99, 64 pages

The Gas ‘n Sip, located in Little Lump, Texas, is the town’s all-in-one-grocery store and boasts a lovely display of the Eiffel Tower made of recycled goods. And, after City Hall is set on fire by a careless clerk who uses aromatherapy candles, the store fills in as the location for the city council meetings. Gertie is the proprietor of this unique business. She is also one of a cast of wacky characters found in Tales From Little Lump: Alien Season by Jeff Folschinsky. An average day in Little Lump is never average. Gene Kelly (originally named Grace Kelly) runs the local radio station. That is just one strange unexplained small town happening in this story. Readers will meet Gertie, Gene Kelly and a whole cast of characters that will make you scratch your head who, where, what, why and how’s of this tale.

I must say that I did enjoy this story but had to go back and reread parts to make sure I was comprehending the book. There seemed to be a lot going on but Folschinsky was able to tie the characters and storylines together nicely. My brain isn’t used to science fiction, a genre that Tales fits into nicely. Reading this story gave me the opportunity and excuse to push my thinking as a reviewer and reader outside of my comfort zone…something every reader should do from time to time. It will only sharpen your mind. I think that even readers who don’t care for the sci-fi world will thoroughly enjoy getting to know Gertie and the rest of the cast of Folschinsky’s characters.

Reviewed by Annie Hicks

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