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By Larry L. Booker
WestBowPress, $17.95, 238 pages

Larry L. Booker, author and pastor, has taken the well known Biblical story of David’s life and has ingeniously filled in the gaps with a fictionalized account of what could have happened. Readers can find this dramatic tale in Booker’s The First Book of David.

The story begins with the Prophet Samuel traveling with his companions in search of the next King. Anyone familiar with the Old Testament and tales of David’s life will relish the colorfully woven stories Booker includes. Enjoy reading about Hannah praying to God for a son, David and Goliath and the crowning of one of the greatest Kings in history. The book also covers such episodes as King Saul’s love/hate relationship with David, his marriage to Saul’s daughter Michel and his deep friendship with Jonathan.

Originally, I thought the book was going to be a full account of David’s life; his thoughts and his day-to-day activities. But I was pleasantly surprised to find out Booker chose to write about those people David interacted with throughout his famous Biblical life. The narration takes some twists and turns from first to third-person, leaving the reader wondering who is telling that particular part of the tale. It’s easily forgivable though, as readers will be swept away by the creativity used in telling this story.

The truly wonderful thing about The First Book of David is the connection it makes with the Old Testament’s account of David’s life. It brings to life the culture and traditions of that era and highlights how the people thought, coped and lived during that time. It makes the Bible stories that I’ve heard over and over since Sunday School come alive, making the stories more real and understandable. This is certainly a great story for both young and old to read and savor.

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson

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