SecretofAbduElyezdiA Tiresome and Bland Affair


By Mark Hodder
Pyr, $18.00, 395 pages

Sir Richard Burton has returned triumphant from his latest expedition after making his biggest discovery yet: The Nile. Unfortunately, his success is marred by some ominous and strange events in Britannia. Abdu El Yezdi, the dead mystic that British politicians use for guidance, has gone silent. Additionally, odd sightings of Burton as a younger man are appearing in various places. Recruited by King Albert, Burton must investigate the supernatural in order to solve the mystery.

The Secret of Abdu El Yezdi is the latest installment in the Burton and Swinburne Adventures. Unfortunately, this latest adventure isn’t quite as interesting or exciting as its predecessors. Rather than being a confident, smart and charming explorer, Burton comes off as tiresome and annoying throughout this book. The setting and dialogue are still spot-on and true to the period and the idea of the plot work well enough. Fans of the series will still enjoy this latest book but new readers should pass.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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