7wksto10kLoaded with Lots of Practical Advice to Begin Your Running Program


By Brett Stewart
Ulysses Press, $15.95, 152 pages

Brett Stewart is an accomplished author and athlete sharing his knowledge of running in 7 Weeks to a 10K. The book opens with basic information such as “What is a 10K?”, “Why 7 Weeks?” and a frequency asked questions section with several pages of questions and answers. Stewart suggests getting a check-up and the proper gear before starting your running program. In the Getting Started chapter, running foundations are covered thoroughly and if one is new to running this chapter is a great place to start. Posture and stride are covered in a later chapter and are important to the runner’s overall running form. But this book offers insightful information for the intermediate and advanced runner, too. I like the detailed prep program chapter because warm-ups, activity and times are detailed out for the reader. Stewart then increases the program by offering level 1 and level 2 workout plans. The appendix includes cross-training exercises with photos, running your first race and a progress log.

Although 7 Weeks to a 10K is primarily focused on the new runner, the book is loaded with pertinent information for any level runner. The author offers practical information, detailed workouts and plenty of research to support his running philosophy and strategy.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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