AsktheRightQuestionsBasic Information Offered

3 star

By Robb Hill
Publish America, $19.95, 71 pages

Ask the Right Questions…Get the Right Answers will make you mad when you read it. Robb Hill presents several examples where people are living below the poverty line because corporations have stopped funding defined-benefit pensions promised to its employees. There are numerous laws that have been passed by Congress that hijacked the common workers retirement future. Topics included in this book are finding the right financial planning including 14 questions you should ask when searching for a planner. Hill is a big proponent on proper planning and covers wills and trusts, alternatives to the stock market, long term care and funeral expenses.

“Truth to tell, the 401(k) was never intended as a retirement plan.”

Although most of the information is good, this reviewer got a sense that she was being “sold” to and was not shocked when the last chapter of the book suggested you contact the author for financial planning. Additionally, this book could have used a good editor and a decreased use of the ever-present exclamation point. Read this book if you truly know nothing about retirement planning otherwise pass on it and find yourself a good financial planner.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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