BugsatChristmasIt’s Nice to Share Christmas With Your Favorite Bug!


By Beatrice AlemagnaPhaidon Press, $12.95, 28 pages

Beatrice Alemagna’s beautiful book Bugs at Christmas is a fun and unique book that will last long past the holiday season as one of your child’s favorite books. On Christmas Eve, the bugs on the blanket get together to plan a party. Little Fat Bug suggests they “make some dust canapés and a crumb pudding!” Little Yellow Bug wants to sing carols like Jingle Bugs. Each bug takes a turn sharing the life lessons sprinkled throughout the story. The bugs must be great listeners when their friends share special traditions. Youngsters will also learn about sharing and see that when the bugs cooperate and work together, they have a wonderful time.

“In the blanket where the little bugs live, just as in the rest of the world, there isn’t only one way to celebrate Christmas.”

The detail Alemagna includes in her illustrations will have little eyes zooming around the pages. Alemagna made 16 pieces of artwork using felt, fabric, applique, and stitching. As an example, when Little Big-Eyed Bug shares his traditions, Alemagna’s artwork includes felt, fabric, sequins, ribbons, yarn and buttons. This technique takes a 1D book to 2D. Readers will absolutely love these bugs which means they’ll want to read the other titles in the series – Bugs in a Blanket, Bugs in the Garden and The Bug Next Door. Save them for birthday gifts, “Way To Go” celebrations or enjoy them all at one time. It is hard to resist these darling characters and the important lessons they share.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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