FindingGodintheBibleGod = BFF


By Darren Wilson
Chosen, $14.99, 234 pages

Do you see God as a distant creator or as a close friend? Are you wary of what He might call you to, or do you trust Him with all that you are? Do you imagine God as angry and controlling, or as merciful and loving? Darren Wilson admits in Finding God in the Bible: What Crazy Prophets, Fickle Followers and Dangerous Outlaws Reveal About Friendship with God that his heart once fell in the first camp: disconnected, untrusting, and fearful. But Wilson walks us through a personal journey from distrust to trust, and he does it with language that is casual, contemporary, and accessible: “I always loved God, but I never trusted him. How can you trust someone who at any moment could ask you to give up the thing you love the most, just to prove your love for Him? …But that understanding of God was rooted in my own spiritual immaturity. My view of God was one-sided. I thought He wanted me to serve Him, when in reality He wanted me to befriend Him” (47).

“Pound for pound, Moses seems to me to be the biggest stud in the Bible (next to Jesus, of course). The guy had the whole package: outrageous testimony, crazy miracle encounters and he can actually hold the title of God’s best friend. It’s easy to see why so many movies have been made about him”


Wilson, a film director and founder of Wanderlust Productions, takes us through the major stories of the Bible, asking the hard questions and ultimately concluding that what God wants from us first and foremost is our trust and friendship. For those wanting to step forward in faith or those wanting a better understanding of how to reach the unchurched, Finding God in the Bible is both readable and meaningful.

Reviewed by Jennie A. Harrop

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