HowtoLaunchaBrandValuable Guide When Launching a Brand


By Finien Consultancy
Brandtro Publishing, $24.95, 148 pages

Innovators everywhere will want to read this slim on size but hefty on advice How to Launch a Brand. Finien Consultancy offers guidance on how to pick the right agency to partner with as you launch your idea into a full-fledged brand. Five robust chapters follow with topics such as brand platform, naming, identity design, brand atmosphere and UI/UX design. The five chapters are built around the book’s brand development process. Each chapter opens with a quote and a different font, which is identified for the reader. Information is well organized with bullets, bolded headings and color. An agency scorecard is included to help the innovator choose a strategic agency to work with on their project. Each chapter closes with a bulleted list of key points from the chapter. The author shares real-life examples of successful brands and poses questions to consider. The naming and identity chapters suggests lots of great hints as the innovator determines the very important task of selecting a name for their brand.

How to Launch a Brand really covers the main facets of launching a brand. It is straightforward and easy to read and offers a logical framework for the brand process. Whether launching a new product or adding to your product line, this book is worthy of a read to ensure all the brand touch points are covered.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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